Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Today was one of those days...
After a full morning of travel
and truck loading, 
the back porch beckoned------
Who could resist a comfy cool nap
on a summer day?
Not me!


  1. Hey Girlie
    How are ya? Sounds like you have been working... that is good. Love the look of that sofa with all those comfy pillows. I hardly ever take a nap unless I have an energy drop (I have trouble with my sugar levels) but that is tempting!
    Blessings to you my friend

  2. Looks all comfy and cozy. I'm sleepy already

  3. I forgot to mention to you today, how much I appreciate your advertisement for the sale...that was the week my computer crashed, and I just saw it yesterday - referring your clients and followers to my sale - so thank you so much

    All the advice you have given me is like yoda talk to a young skywalker (what can I say...I have three

    and that porch puts mine to shame - good gravy

  4. Hi Annie, I remember seeing my Mom and Dad napping in the afternoon and thinking, how in the world do you fall asleep in the middle of the day...Now I know and appreciate naptime, and your porch looks like the perfect place.
    Love to see a new post from you, makes me smile. Love, Penny

  5. could you hear me snoring from my sunporch???
    I could hear you ...

    you're my kind of woman

  6. I love having a nap in the afternoon. Fortunately I have the talent of being able to drop off to sleep whenever I want to - looks like you can too!

    Alan Riley, publisher

  7. Ooh just looking at that photo has me wanting to get all comfy and have a nap.
    Lucky you, having Summer - here in Australia Winter has just begun.

  8. Just discovered your blog! I agree with what you say: modest things can be more beautiful than anything expensive.... And i love your coach!


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