Sunday, February 28, 2010


Time can be your best friend
or your fiercest foe.
photo from Trouvais
It can pass quickly

or ever so slowly.
Country Living Photo
It may be remembered

clock by Thiesen
or it may be forgotten.

E. Howard Clock Co.
It marches on with or without us.

So we might as well watch it in style.

Hope your time is well spent this week!

Thursday, February 25, 2010










Sometimes it's the simple things...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Weight on My Mind

Through the last several years, I have collected 
antique and vintage glass paperweights. 
My criteria has been shape and price.
Price is always an over riding factor with me,
because I usually resell.
I like impact in a collection. One or two items doesn't do it for me, but 18 or 20 always feels like overload.
I like to hit a happy medium and that varies on how much I've gathered by the time I simply HAVE to get it out.
As noted in the previous post of my studio space, MUCH has been gathered... (I'm getting closer to cleaning it, really I am).
Here's a peek into one little drawer that has glass paperweights.
I'm going to be working a little magic on these over the next couple of weeks and look forward to sharing when I'm finished. (do not hold your breath,PLEASE) 
There will be another event happening here on the farm in May and I'm already behind (as usual). These soon to be beautiful beauties will be a small part of the goods that are offered.

 A very few are quite nice as is--I especially like
the orchid under glass. My photo doesn't do it justice.
Two more favorites

Here's a stash I will start working from.
(old paper and I have a "thing" for each other...)
I'm off to finish painting the powder room!
Hoping the final touches won't take too long.
Stay tuned...
(and once again---please do not hold breath)
p.s. I'd love to hear what you've got calling to you from your stash!


Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's snowing again!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fave Finds

I found some VERY cool stuff yesterday while surfing.
I think these would look smashing together..
 The lines...oh the lines ....
I want to sit and SPIN 'til I'm dizzy!

Chandelier from recycled materials...every room
needs a little sparkle..

Take my breath away antique Italian trestle table.
I could eat, work and sleep with it! 
and I'd have to at 8500.00
Every well dressed room has to have an antique
French clock face....oui?
Photos nabbed from Marie Claire Maison, House Beautiful, and 1st Dibs
Chandelier by Madeleine Boulesteix

What is setting your heart aflutter today?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What to Do...

I've been antsy lately to do a big switcheroo in this old house.
I think it's because I have so much OTHER work to do and I'd like to chuck it and focus on HOME.
So, I've been daydreaming and perusing my files and some magazines whenever I can to find some spark.
photo from Marie Claire Maison

I LOVE color. I am MAD about color-----just not in our home.
This room is crisp, vibrant, lively and I'd be tired of it within 2 months.

photo from Marie Claire Maison
This brocante style room is more to my liking.
Those chairs to the left don't say "sit for awhile" to me.
photo from House Beautiful
This is a lovely little room. The shelving high on the wall is a good topping for the entertainment shelving.
It has a nice mix. No doubt that sofa is comfy. I like this, but still----where are all those darn boxes one needs for satellite, video, etc. WHERE?   

 photo from House Beautiful
I am enamored with this one. Large scale artwork, comfortable furnishings, beautiful mantelpiece.
But, I wouldn't enjoy sitting on the sofa, looking at the table and chairs.
The rug would be spotted and stained by every 2-4 legged being to step foot in here.
I don't think I could settle on the chaise for relaxation facing the rest of that room.

 photo House Beautiful ?
I am completely delighted by those doors!
I like a high back sofa and even though simple, I like this room.
It's light with enough contrast to keep it grounded. 
That rug would still never work for this household.
photo from Marie Claire Maison
All right. This one does it for me...
I'm going to tear out a ceiling----someone will lose a bedroom--- and put in a large skylight.
I will sit here every morning for breakfast and use my laptop.
I will learn to speak French and I will put a nice soft puffy cushion on one of those chairs!

Time for laundry...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

2 by 4

On Saturday, I put on my favorite shirt (which shrinks a lilltle more every time I wash it--no, REALLY!) and slipped into my "I hope my butt doesn't look too big" jeans, and headed down the road.
My dear friend Joy, i.e. savvy city farmer, and I were headed south for a blogger gathering--a first for both of us.
I was probably more apprehensive than Joy, being that I am such a newborn in this venue and she is nicely "seasoned" and a soon to be celebrity in her own right.
And, as is almost ALWAYS the case in life, there were NO grounds for any fears or second thoughts.
People are people and women are women. DUH!!

I discovered a WONDERFUL group of women varied in age, height, personality, interests, and footwear, but ALL singularly special.
It smacked me in the face as I was standing in that room surrounded by this cornucopia of beauty. THIS is what life is about---the connecting, sharing, accepting, caring and enjoyment of ALL individuals, not just those choice few you allow in your inner circle.
I know this isn't some shocker, but it was a wack me on the side of the head REMINDER for me.
I'm still smiling as I write this and gosh darnit, my cheeks hurt.
I'm considering a pajama party next time!

How about you? Met anyone new lately? Had an 'aha' moment you'd like to share?
I NEVER even STARTED on that stupid powder room with the chickens.......all about accountability.....

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy VD!!!




  Hallmark just doesn't make 'em like they used to...

Have a happy day with someone you love!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Cooped Up

The hens are about to fly the coop!
No more little peep in the corner

your crowin' days are over, pal

you've laid your last, ladies

It's time. It's passe---finito....
Today's the day to sand the walls, patch and prime.
These birds will roost no more!

What are your plans for this glorious weekend?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I don't know what has come over me, but I have decided to confess.
Yep, confessing to the WORLD, or at least the 2 or 3 of you that actually read this...
My work space is OUT OF CONTROL!!!! 

I was sick and tired of working out of the basement for all these years, although it has had its advantages--noone else EVER wanted to spend time down there,so I was usually left alone.

When 2 of our three delightful chicks, moved on to school and the city, I decided it
was my chance to break free from the shop lights and spiders and that little stream
of water that runs across the floor in the same spot every time it rains hard.

Oh, yes, I was PUMPED!  I brought a beautiful old blue postal table home from my shop,
found a great vintage 2 piece German cupboard, 2 darling old chandeliers, quirky shelves,
and anything else I thought might work. 
I loaded it all in and thought to myself, "This is going to be beautiful. I will be able to really create in all this light and beauty. It's going to be my little haven of loveliness. It's ALWAYS going to be neat and's going to be ME!'
Do you see that postal desk?  CAN you see that postal desk---mmmhhhmmm...
the one that I have to glue the piece of wood back onto because I broke it off while moving it?
It's back there, under there,
behind the big ugly black desk chair,
next to the window air unit that one of my delightful children stacked in here---not in HIS room...,
above the piles thrown on the floor,
and next to that rumpled, NOT a fave quilt on the bed that another child slept in recently with no sheets or pillowcases.
My lovely, roomy, faded blue postal desk...
The one I'm supposed to sew on...
The one I'm supposed to create the most delightful goodies on...
The one I'm supposed to be able to SEE.
The one with NO organization, no beautiful inspiration board,
no darling chandelier and NO ROOM...not a milimeter!
And as if THIS weren't enough:
Here's another corner, more PILES...
and jars of dominoes, buttons, thread, rolls of fabric,
vintage Christmas,  and I'm sure my sanity is under there somewhere...
You can pick your jaw up off your keyboard....
because there's MORE!
The wonderful  2 piece German cupboard.....
the one where the ribbons and french linen fabrics that I'm going to make into swoony items
.are supposed to be lovingly stacked and displayed.
The cupboard that is supposed to have JUST a few items of interest sitting on its crown.
The cupboard that I'm supposed to be able to GET INTO.....
There's a beutiful chair under that pile of blankets and throws to the left.
It was covered so delightfuly with them by that same child who came home and slept for ONE night.
WHY, OH WHY have I allowed you to see all of this MESS??????
I'm thinking :
I'm crazy
I need intervention and am seeking.....anyone...
Actually, both of those are likely true....
The real reason?
I am an accountability person.
I, because of my own weakness, am unable to fully focus and complete daunting tasks,
unlesss I know that someone else will KNOW that I have//have not done them.

I like being organized and together.
I like having time to create and share.
I think more clearly and perform much better when I am surrounded with order.
So what's the hold up?
First, I can close the door and walk away.
Second, I've been taking care of the "urgent".
Third, it would be nice to have some kind friend who 'gets' me help
(but I don't want to torture anyone else)
Fourth, it's for ME.
If it were for someone else it would be DONE, FINITO,  utterly, beautifully and completely FINISHED.
It would be delightful, the haven she dreamed of,
her own studio in the clouds, overlooking the gardens.
But, it's for ME...
I AM that cobbler who puts delightfully crafted shoes on everyone ELSE'S feet
while he and his family wear shoes that are tired and tattered.
It's for ME and now you know.

I'm not looking for a diagnosis here---I'm just puttin' out the truth.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Boots  16.99

 Scarf   9.99

Wearing them around the house
during a snowstorm???

I'm pretty simple and low doesn't take much...

Monday, February 8, 2010


It's a new month, a new week, a new day.
After closing the doors to my shop a year ago,
I've been in a state of "what now?".
I know that for me, it was time to close and
move on, but what that moving on looked like...well...
not so sure.
I'm still not sure...
after all, God's word is a lamp to my feet, not a giant spotlight down the road for the next ten miles.

So in 2009 I attended or hosted a few events, sharing and selling some goods, and I waited.
I waited and waited and waited to figure out what to do next.
What is my purpose? I no longer had the "ministry" of the shop--that safe little house where people (o.k., WOMEN) could come and be welcomed and heard, chat, and hopefully be inspired.

It's been a wobbly year for me.  I've been uncomfortable (that's really not so bad) and in some ways, I've stretched and grown.(that's always good).
I trained for 5 months and ran the Chicago Marathon in October (as part of the World Vision team) with one of the best and dearest friends ( Monica that's YOU) by my side EVERY step of the way. (talk about bonding...)  No, I'm not a runner, well I wasn't a runner. (and I am still  F.A.T.)
I spent years schlepping around furniture and moving about everything in sight. I was always on the move, but definitely not in the same way that all that running (and walking and dragging and crawling...and let's not forget whining) forced me to do.  I found a new determination and more importantly, someone else to focus on, someone else to do something for, someone who was truly in NEED.

So, where does that bring me? Still don't know, still not sure, but I do know that I am here TODAY, to do TODAY, whatever God sees fit to place in front of me TODAY. 
 I like that.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Market is open!
Hit on the side button and
have a little fun!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Market News

I've sold from the farm.
I've sold from the shop.
I've sold from french markets.
I've sold from the truck.
And soon I'll be selling from a new site:

Stone Meadow Market

It's almost ready...

Friday, February 5, 2010

Angelic Notes

While on the search this week for goods,
I found a little bit o' heaven....

antique plaster sweetness

23" x 8"  of  patina
Someone will hopefully love it as much as I do!

(unless I HAVE to keep it...)