Friday, January 29, 2010

Have a seat

So leave everything and sit down prepared for a long siege in the 
shape of a bundle of nonsense from friend E.
                                                                 Emily Dickinson

Have a seat, grab a cuppa' and finish perusing this room with me.
It's lengthy. I'm sorry.

Starting at the top ---
this room is in a local mansion that has seen better days.
I had limited time and budget to do a "showcase" room.
I spent days hand sanding peeling plaster walls to get the soft 
look I wanted, but the ceiling was a lost cause, so....
I bought a surplus parachute (huge), attached it around the ceiling
and tacked it up in quadrants with big velvet  "buttons" to give some interest 
and a quilted look.
(thank you sweet Monica for helping once again)
It looks saggy in the pic, but it really looked like soft puff.
A beautiful imported chandelier drops from the center.

(I had ONE electrical outlet in the room that worked---
2 days before opening,  I was told the electricity couldn't be fixed in time.
Please disregard all the extension cords, etc. you'll be seeing)

12 ft. ceiling!
Each bedroom has it's own sink with running water---rare in late 1800's
Servants would be notified, one would go to the basement and pump
water to the bedroom as necessary.

I covered the sink niche, floor included, with maps from an 
antq. 1800's atlas---cut, ripped and pieced.
Hung a vintage chandelier,
(ignore that wiring that had to run down the wall, thru a door,
and out a window to the next room)
attached a burlap skirt and SCRUBBED that sink.
(it looked SO much worse)

Nearly everything I used in the room was antique or vintage.
All found and put together because they were appealing to me.

A closet converted to dressing room
Walls painted in freestyle blocks of color
Mirrors, early 1940's fashion sketches
A brass thrift chandelier painted black and hung with
wood billiard scoring pieces

Marble fireplace 
Found metal table top--hand painted clock
Aluminum and steel ship's cot with
vintage french bolsters

Vintage stacking tables covered in Korean newsprint

Very used paint tarp piece used as rug
Desk with doorknob pull
Chair with hand sewn scraps on silk
Antq. framed leopard print bulletin board
Vintage painting on vintage easel


 Large antique apothecary jars 
hanging with greenery
BIG windows, BIG jars

Antique steel shelving
original paint


Personal paintbrush collection
Antique hand painted screen section
Vintage Woddard loveseat--upholstered in tarp
Zinc top table I made

Antique pier mirror with
antique door knob hooks

Antique cabinet used as sideboard

Thank you for sitting through all these
(if you're still here...)
This is exhausting!

Below are snippets and overviews....
have a wonderful day!














Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mansion Memory

I was taking a stroll down memory lane.
Here are just a few shots of a funky
room I did for a designer showcase.
I'd like to be in that room today...

17th century Spanish maps tacked on the walls

Antique apothecary storage
Numbered drawers

 Small sitting area
Vintage, antique, and pieces I put together
The zinc top table is my fave.

Perhaps I'll  share more when time allows.
Enjoy your day.
The SUN is OUT---YAYYYYY!!!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Glass Half Full

What is my fascination with glass??
I thought it might pass a few years ago,
but the clear sparkle still calls to me.

I put glass  IN  things,


  OVER  things,


AROUND things,

and   ON  things.

When I'm out and about, I can't resist it.
I've sold more pieces than I can count and yet
it STILL beckons me.
Ooooo---the shape, the size, the imperfections,
the myriad of uses....can't pass it by...MUST pass it by.

Oh, and let's not get started on old ironstone...
What's beckoning you these days??
Have a lovely one!