Friday, June 25, 2010

Greenhouse Dirt

The cleanup has begun.
Shelves have been cleaned.
Frogs are in place.
There's so much to do
and so little time...
At least it's been started.
Tidying up is good for the soul.
Even the frogs like it!



  1. Dear Annie, What are those cone shaped items for?...Never seen anything like them. I love to stack things too. Boxes, suitcases, picnic baskets, books. Love your displays. Love, Penny

  2. Hi Annie, Found your blog through Sweet Pea! You have the most amazing collection of flower frogs--one of my LOVES!! I read through some of your old posts and was stopped cold in my tracks when I read your cancer post-I was deeply moved! A dear friend of mine is currently fighting that battle and her prognosis is not good. Life is so fragile-puts things in a totally different perspective! I need to go kiss my hubby and hug my kids! take care, Julie


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