Friday, January 22, 2010

A Day in the Barn

Today is the day------a BIG project needs completion.
My client has waited TOO long for this piece.

I rarely have felt any major twinging when painting an
old piece--even when it is a "fine" antique. 
I believe nothing is of much value if it doesn't work
for your lifestyle.

But this filing cabinet has been an exception for me.
The finish on it was beautiful, the color and wood were lovely.
I had angst as I started the sanding process, but a PAINTED
chest is what my client desires.

This is the cabinet before:  (I obviously started pulling drawers
out before I remembered to take a pic.)

Please note the ginormous heater in background.  It's the only way
to get any work done in the winter.
That's 15 drawers with 2 handles each, with one metal label each,
with 2 screws on each and everyone of those. 
It took an hour to just remove screws.
Ready for the final product???

not yet...

Hope you find some fun in your day!


  1. oh yes, I feel the angst ... can't wait to see it finished

    help, client called and wondered if I had any of "that gray paint" left ...I did the project two years ago ...memory loss!

  2. Hi Annie! Thanks for your nice comment on our post. Know what you mean about changing a piece. It looks wonderful -- and I'm sure it will look even better when you are done! xo

  3. I'm in LOVE!! Can't wait to see the end product.


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