Monday, January 25, 2010


Remember that wonderful flat file/type set cabinet I showed you several days ago?

Well, after some labor and a lot of time with the screwdriver...
(wait, does that sound kinky?? )

It is now a soft sage with some aging.
(taking the old, painting it new, making it old once again....)

Unfortunately, this pic of the hardware doesn't do it justice.
The patina on the pulls and label plates is wonderful!
It took some time to take off and put on 45 pieces of
hardware with 90 screws, and there are 4 layers of magic
on this piece, but I hope my client is happy.
Now to deliver!


  1. hope your pay was as handsome as the piece

    ...what did you say about a screwdriver?

  2. How could she not be thrilled?? It's divine! What's she planning to do with it? Is she a crafter/scrapbooker? I have a similar piece that is still sitting out in the garage...but I can't wait to fill it with all my pretties!

  3. You were talking about how fast I do my projects Look at that!


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