Monday, January 18, 2010

The Golden Ticket

I was toodling away this morn, on my way to the eye guy for appointment number FIVE (aging eyes issue), when what should I spy, but bold red and blue flashing lights!
Were these on top of a house, a tree, a train, a zebra????? Of course not------a VERY young polite county sheriff was pulling me aside for a chat AND a lovely golden ticket.
"I'm sorry ma'am, but I HAD to give you a citation..."
WHAT is with THAT?????
He didn't HAVE to do anything of the sort.
He didn't HAVE to whip a doughnut in the middle of the road.
He didn't HAVE to sit there for 15 minutes in order to display his prowess to those
passing by.
AND he certainly did NOT HAVE to give me that lovely ephemeral golden ticket.

Oh pardon me, but that little tirade felt so good. I HAD to do it.
Fact is----I WAS speeding (can't deny it)
He WAS doing his job (annoying as THAT is--I'm positive he missed that
crack dealer with an entire trunk full of illegal crack & fissures &
crevices that drove past.)
I was due--it's been about 15 years since my last one.

So, I proudly accepted my golden ticket and told that young man to have a WONDERFUL day. And now I'm thinking I will just pay it and be done with it. I'm not perfect and it's time the Secretary of State realizes it.

I feel as though I just lied to my mother, or was caught eating candy before dinner, or picking my nose or something.....I am guilty, guilty, GUILTY!!!!!

It's time to move on and I WILL RUN with the speed of a gazelle and accomplish much---there's no golden ticket for that.



  1. Okay, I was drawing a blank about you blog address! But here you are! Welcome to the blog world. xo Joan

  2. oh, the abyss where there are no cops, eh?
    what we could have done with that 75.00

  3. did the midwife visit with A. we're thinking perhaps tomorrow .

    It's a good thing you won't be escorting me to McHenry ... hehe

  4. I love your "About Me"! Describes me as a little girl - to a "T"! Oh, and I loathe those golden tickets. I've probably had more than my fair share... :)


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