Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Bug

I've got the bug, got it bad. It's too soon. This bug shouldn't arrive until March, but here it is in FULL GLORY-- so I'm spending time in the greenhouse EVERY day.  The rabbits are wintering there, so they must be cared for.  It's my excuse for spending time and BREATHING in GREEN....
to every thing there is a season....

Bug,bug, go away and don't come back for months...


  1. Good morning, Annie. Are you going to set up a sales blog on your other site? I want to know how to do that. If you are can you clue me in to how to do this?

    I want to know how to connect that "Buy it now" thingie!

    Yes, that is the stem of the gazing ball. xo Joan

  2. I must've got it from you, or you must've got it from me, cuz we've been together alot as of late~~~ sigh

  3. Now that's a bug I wanna catch! I love working in my!


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