Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mansion Memory

I was taking a stroll down memory lane.
Here are just a few shots of a funky
room I did for a designer showcase.
I'd like to be in that room today...

17th century Spanish maps tacked on the walls

Antique apothecary storage
Numbered drawers

 Small sitting area
Vintage, antique, and pieces I put together
The zinc top table is my fave.

Perhaps I'll  share more when time allows.
Enjoy your day.
The SUN is OUT---YAYYYYY!!!!!


  1. so sorry I missed feasting my eyes on this ... I was, at the time nursing Don back to health ... that fateful August 08 ...

    I see that sun and I'll raise ya more sun!

  2. I love the sitting area! I am on the hunt for a zebra rug...I want to find just the right what you did with the maps...very inspiring. xoC

  3. FAB ideas!!! LOVE the vintage luggage!

  4. The luggage is great but I am over the moon with the brushes on the wall. So creative and I love the soft sea green colors. Sea witch

  5. Annie,

    Thank you for stopping by my blog this evening and leaving such a sweet message.
    I took the opportunity to read through your posts. Welcome to blogdom! It seems like we are the new kids on the block. You are very talented. I like the burlap covered (?) trunks and apothecary storage above. I am in awe of the job you did on the chest below.
    I'll be returning!

  6. Looks wonderful, Annie! Thanks for your nice comment on our post. I have your blog on my list to add to our roll. Just need a computer work day! xo

  7. i need that painted wall!!! and, hello with hubby as a painter all his life should i steal your paintbrush idea or what!!!

    one handed here - sorry


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