Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Beast

We are women (most of us reading this).
We are relational by nature.
We care for each other and share our lives together.
So, when does our sharing cross the line?
You know the line.
It's the one that has GOSSIP written on it.

Recently, there's been an event in my life that I have carefully chosen to share. I have shared this news with only a choice few people.
My life and the events of it are not open for
public view,
which would be a greatly boring read anyway. 
I discovered in a rather serpentine manner
last week that my "news" and my life had become 
public fodder.

My heart cracked open upon the discovery.
I am a very open and straightforward person.
I don't have hidden agendas, I try to speak the truth and I try to be gracious to others.

My life, my little news was no longer MINE.

I had become a snack for the beast---that big,
hairy, smelly, ugly GOSSIP BEAST.
I learned that my life, with my name attached, had been thrown about in an inappropriate manner, in an inappropriate place, by someone I hadn't even
spoken with. 
I felt as though my worth as a person was no longer valued. I was reduced to nothing more that a tasty, tender little SNACK.
We have ALL talked. It's what we do, but we must
be aware of this beast who lurks and pounces whenever he's able. He gets his claws in deep and swiflty.  Once he has his tail wrapped around you, he's pretty difficult to remove. 
It takes awareness, tenacity, patience, self-control and good caring friends to help you get him off your back and out of your life.

If you have true concern for someone, GO to her.
If you feel you can help, GO to her.
If you want to pray, PRAY for her.
If you want to celebrate, celebrate WITH her.
You don't NEED details. 
God knows what's going on.
YOU don't need to always know as well.
Let's all stop feeding that beast.

He's one species I'd enjoy seeing extinct.


  1. well said

    ... my heart is breaking right now ... we'll talk tomorrow ...

    no details

  2. Sorry this has happened to you, but I feel your pain. And, yes - I am with you on this...stop feeding the beast of gossip. It's so easy to do in the disguise of "a prayer request" or "I'm concerned..." It's all about integrity...and it hurts when it hits close to home. Good post!

  3. Hi Annie
    Sorry to hear you are having a hard time... I don't know what it is but it sounds serious. I hope this to passes quickly and healing starts quickly to your hurt soul and spirit.
    Blessings to you dear friend my prayers are with you.

  4. wonderful post. Hope all is well- or at least getting better. :)

  5. I am SO sorry to hear that you are suffering somehow........and sometimes, when I feel as you are....I know it's God teaching me's a tough one for us women in this day and age.......tough indeed.

  6. Being wronged always presents the perfect opportunity to demonstrate grace...


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