Saturday, March 13, 2010

Coop Continued

Do you remember the "chicken coop" powder room?
Here's a little refresher...
The coop has served well through the years, but everything comes to an end...
This is more to my liking these days.
Vintage mirror and vintage light fixtures.
(still in need of some shades, I think)
The same little 13" sink---this room is SO small---
now has a selvage edge skirt.
(I didn't fluff and stage for this quick pic)
A bonze baby leg kicks in for holding a towel.
Framed antique maps of London and Paris
where a rooster once perched.
There's more to do, but clients and
the sand and surf
are calling...
I'll be finishing this project in a few  weeks.
Any thoughts on the changes so far?


  1. a big amen sista' ... in real life this is so good looking ...

    I suppose the map prints are never going to show up on a garage sale pile????

    the chickens flew the coop ....they gave it their all!
    now, hit the beach wouldja!

  2. This is really cute and fun!! Loving it.

  3. Annie,

    Your bathroom update looks fabulous. I like the skirt around the sink as well as the framed maps. Your chickens were beautiful (did you paint them?) but sometimes we all need change.

    Please email me your address for postcard exchange. I have your card all written out and stamped but I misplaced/accidently deleted your address.



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