Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Birth Bunk

I've had some dealings with our children this week.
Some have made me smile, some haven't.
I've been reminded once again, of a theory I have.
It's not based on science of any sort, just personal experience and listening to other moms through the years.
My theory is this.
You are who you are from before you are born.
Indulge me, please.
I believe that a child (at least mine) gives MAJOR clues about his basic personality and approach to life by his birth process and first moments out in this world.
O.K. Here it goes.

I gave birth to a child who was in a bit of a rush, pushing head first into things that weren't quite ready to allow him to pass. He didn't care.
He wanted what he wanted when he wanted it and had his mouth wide open and demanding from the second he arrived. He always let you know when he was happy, sad, or in between and demanded that YOU do something, HAD to do something for him.
He's always been the squeeky wheel and is often not content.
Another child approached this world in quite a different way. He came along, taking his time, slowly but surely relaxing along the way, until he just sort of slithered out like a wet fish.
He actually laughed when he made his debut (seriously--you can ask everyone who was present)
and settled right in.
He's pretty easy going, doesn't ask for much and can be found laughing quite often.
And still another child decided IT IS TIME and went for it with a "let's get this thing done" attitude.  The largest--10 1/2 lb. The quickest--1 1/2 hr. Pure focus.
This child had a "I want this NOW" approach, but tempered with a workable acceptance of the surrounding environment.
As the years have passed and my mothering skills have been tested to the max, I have come to this conclusion.
My children ARE who they ARE.
I tried to guide and mold and give them the best I had to offer, but basically their approaches to life and the things it brings their way is THEIRS. I can't change that.
Each one has an approach to life that is similar to the  birth process and first moments in our world.
One tends to push and sometimes feel entitled, one tends to shrug off demands and live on his own time line and one tends to plan, focus and accomplish.

These three children of mine are each different, each irritating and wonderful, each well loved.
I wouldn't have it any other way. Well, I would, but it's not going to happen...
So give those little or big ones a nice juicy wet one today, because...sometimes they just can't help it...



  1. pondered thoughts for all those oppressed or not!!!

    I'm vacillating

  2. This is so very true Annie. Well said. I have 3 very different adult kids...and it is indeed a "love/hate" relationship. I do love each unique, talented one dearly...but there are days. sigh.

  3. That was a really sweet post. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Perfect blog for me to read today! They {children} are wonderful, yet totally irritating little creatures who turn into adult creatures! However, like you I would not have it any other way! Thanks for this post Annie! xoxoC

  5. Annie,
    I just wanted to let you know that the name you submitted in my giveaway made the top five. The "voting poll" is up on my blog and will close Friday at midnight, central standard time.


  6. so true! I enjoyed reading this post...I found you through Sandy & Joe at Rhubarb Reign- I have 2 girls and they are as different as night and day...and now I think I agree with you.

  7. Annie,
    I have 2 teens...complete opposites!!! Lovely, thoughful post!

  8. I agree, they have their very distinct personalities from the get go for sure!

    My twin nephews were born at 26 weeks and are lucky to be alive, it was a battle. But you know even at 26 weeks, one wanted to hold my little finger (his hand was the size of my little fingernail) and try and connect and the other, no way, he was going to do this himself. They are the same four years later.

  9. Interesting theory. Eloise seemed so angry when she arrived. Will be interesting to see if she turns into an angry adult... At the moment she's a pretty happy baby as long as she's getting her way!


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