Saturday, March 27, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Arriving home after a little R & R is always a bit like "culture shock".
Yesterday was no exception.
After 12 simply gloriously "empty" days----it all came to a screeching halt.
The groceries, the unpacking, the laundry, the mail, the dishes, the laundry, and the laundry...
After a solid 18 hours or more of travel, all that entails, and the slight 'picking up' at home, I gave in and went to bed.
I didn't realize until this morning, just how much "little organizing" I do every day before I head out the door.
Our home was not empty while I was away. 
Oh, no---there were several males here on a regular basis and let's not forget the 4 legged critters too.
It seems as though between work and play, there is NO time for actual PICKING UP  or CLEANING after oneself. 
I find this concept fascinating--- and appalling.
I'll cut Mr. SMF some slack  because he put in some mighty long days at the office, but the rest of the crew??? 

So, today it's off to the grocery again, laundry again, and some REAL cleaning again.
I mean really, what was I thinking---
that I would come home to a place that looked as good as when I left or BETTER??
Of course, being the good Pollyanna that I am, I have BIG plans for all that I'm going to accomplish today.
I'm going to float through it all like Mr. Pelican.
Thank goodness I got some sleep at the beach.


  1. It all goes to show just how much WE DO at home and just how much our homes run because of our efforts!! LOL.

  2. It really never ends does it? I wish you well in getting things back to normal and tackling the laundry.

  3. Yes, but I bet those 12 simply gloriously "empty" days were so worth it.


  4. Hi Annie
    It is always good to get back, isn't it? But yes, we pay for it! Mine was not too bad as I do have my daughter here, but I got back just in time for Easter and I cooked :)
    How is everything there? Please keep me posted...
    Many blessings to you this Easter week... I am thinking of you


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