Monday, March 15, 2010

By the Sea

It's a beautiful 
sunny, breezy day 
on Sanibel Island
in Florida
The kind of day that's perfect
for walking the shoreline
viewing millions of shells...
watching dolphins along the way
and settling in with a good book.

Hope you're enjoying your day as well!


  1. Sounds most delightful. I haven't gotten to the beach yet this year. You must be down on vacation? Enjoy. It hopefully will stay on the warm side for you.

  2. ooh. Your not too far from us! Hope you had a fun day at the beach!

  3. can you "sea" the green goo oozing from me ... the green with envy-goo?

    soak it up honey!!!!

  4. p.s. we need some of those beauties for projects don't we ... likle shell encrusted mirrors, etc

    fill up your makeup bag!

  5. be by the sea collecting shells is really where I want to be!!

  6. sounds soooooooo nice! The shells look wonderful. Glad you are soaking up the peace that the ocean gives.

  7. I just found your this blog for the first time. You and joy keep sneaking up on me...I love shells and a trip to FL sounds great about now. lol I would love to see your s.s. things, thanks for visiting.

  8. Hi Annie! That sounds amazing...I would love to walk on the beach right now!!!!!!

    :) T

  9. Annie,

    Enjoy and have a pina colada for me! Nothing soothes and restores the soul as much as the sea.


  10. Sounds like HEAVEN on earth!!!! I LOVE the beach. Here in Texas today they think we will get snow again. And I had to cover my peach trees to protect them. Geeeeeeez! Enjoy that walk on the beach & know how lucky you are. Charlene

  11. How fun to run into pictures of the Sanibel shells!! I love your blog and we are going to Sanibel for Easter break. We have a condo at Sandpiper if you are ever interested! www. Isn't it beautiful and so relaxing? I hope it was for you. Hope to visit your farm someday! Sandy


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