Friday, February 12, 2010

Cooped Up

The hens are about to fly the coop!
No more little peep in the corner

your crowin' days are over, pal

you've laid your last, ladies

It's time. It's passe---finito....
Today's the day to sand the walls, patch and prime.
These birds will roost no more!

What are your plans for this glorious weekend?


  1. let's fly the coop today ... oh wait, you're in my driveway ...

    thelma and louise, that's us!

  2. Hey chickie! I'll fly anywhere with you!

  3. Hey Girl!!!! Oh my heavens it was so fun meeting you. I 'coulda eat you with a spoon'. So, so, so glad we connected. Looking forward to more fun times, and getting to know you.


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