Friday, February 5, 2010

Angelic Notes

While on the search this week for goods,
I found a little bit o' heaven....

antique plaster sweetness

23" x 8"  of  patina
Someone will hopefully love it as much as I do!

(unless I HAVE to keep it...)


  1. they are beautiful!! what a shame if you could not sell them ! Do you have the perfect place for them in your home he!he! Cate :)

  2. They are stunning. I do have a place for them if you don't.

  3. hey, what's this about throwing me from the truck ... then you would be minus a tad of inspiration ... and besides that we're joined at the hip ... so whither thou goest, i will go ...

  4. Thanks Annie for visiting my blog and here I am visiting yours. I love your banner and I love all of your ironstones in your banner. I assume they are yours. I am so jealous! Love the simplicity and whiteness and purity of them.



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