Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What to Do...

I've been antsy lately to do a big switcheroo in this old house.
I think it's because I have so much OTHER work to do and I'd like to chuck it and focus on HOME.
So, I've been daydreaming and perusing my files and some magazines whenever I can to find some spark.
photo from Marie Claire Maison

I LOVE color. I am MAD about color-----just not in our home.
This room is crisp, vibrant, lively and I'd be tired of it within 2 months.

photo from Marie Claire Maison
This brocante style room is more to my liking.
Those chairs to the left don't say "sit for awhile" to me.
photo from House Beautiful
This is a lovely little room. The shelving high on the wall is a good topping for the entertainment shelving.
It has a nice mix. No doubt that sofa is comfy. I like this, but still----where are all those darn boxes one needs for satellite, video, etc. WHERE?   

 photo from House Beautiful
I am enamored with this one. Large scale artwork, comfortable furnishings, beautiful mantelpiece.
But, I wouldn't enjoy sitting on the sofa, looking at the table and chairs.
The rug would be spotted and stained by every 2-4 legged being to step foot in here.
I don't think I could settle on the chaise for relaxation facing the rest of that room.

 photo House Beautiful ?
I am completely delighted by those doors!
I like a high back sofa and even though simple, I like this room.
It's light with enough contrast to keep it grounded. 
That rug would still never work for this household.
photo from Marie Claire Maison
All right. This one does it for me...
I'm going to tear out a ceiling----someone will lose a bedroom--- and put in a large skylight.
I will sit here every morning for breakfast and use my laptop.
I will learn to speak French and I will put a nice soft puffy cushion on one of those chairs!

Time for laundry...


  1. Your favorite is mine too. I love that mirror and all the light. And yes, where do they put all of the tv equipment? I'm having that problem right now and it has to go on top of something and be seen as ugly as it is.

  2. AND don't forget all those masses of twisted ugly wires!!

  3. and the dinasour speakers left over from college days that hubby says will enhance surround sound ... where will they go ... do they come in country french?

  4. ... and the woofers and the tweeters ... eh???

  5. I say go for it Annie...with the ole switcheroo!!! And, yes, that last picture is so French and soooooo just speaks to me :) Cafe anyone?!

    :) T

  6. OH gosh - it does it for me to! Hmmmm, which room could I sacrifice? And those chairs in the first photo make my back hurt just looking at them. LOVE those French decorating mags!

  7. totally vault the ceiling....and I know of a really good carpenter ;)

    what are you all doing? using this space as a chat room? it's like a family reunion around here!

    count me in!!

  8. I love them all! These are the sort of rooms that you never tire from being in.


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