Sunday, February 14, 2010

2 by 4

On Saturday, I put on my favorite shirt (which shrinks a lilltle more every time I wash it--no, REALLY!) and slipped into my "I hope my butt doesn't look too big" jeans, and headed down the road.
My dear friend Joy, i.e. savvy city farmer, and I were headed south for a blogger gathering--a first for both of us.
I was probably more apprehensive than Joy, being that I am such a newborn in this venue and she is nicely "seasoned" and a soon to be celebrity in her own right.
And, as is almost ALWAYS the case in life, there were NO grounds for any fears or second thoughts.
People are people and women are women. DUH!!

I discovered a WONDERFUL group of women varied in age, height, personality, interests, and footwear, but ALL singularly special.
It smacked me in the face as I was standing in that room surrounded by this cornucopia of beauty. THIS is what life is about---the connecting, sharing, accepting, caring and enjoyment of ALL individuals, not just those choice few you allow in your inner circle.
I know this isn't some shocker, but it was a wack me on the side of the head REMINDER for me.
I'm still smiling as I write this and gosh darnit, my cheeks hurt.
I'm considering a pajama party next time!

How about you? Met anyone new lately? Had an 'aha' moment you'd like to share?
I NEVER even STARTED on that stupid powder room with the chickens.......all about accountability.....


  1. Annie, you were amazing on Saturday. You spoke from the heart, and I was moved! Thanks for putting into words what so many of us were feeling. Penny

  2. this day warmed my heart ...
    it will live on in my memory for a very long time!
    the sound of your voice warms my heart.

    p.s. I just LOVE our road trips ...

  3. PJ party at your house. Annie, your butt didn't look big at all. :-D Loved meeting all you gals.

  4. You are fabulous. That's all I'm stinkin' saying about that. So great to meet you, and I'm totally on board with a PJ party. Totally.

  5. Hi Annie, Found you through Cindy (from her and Jayme's visit to your event). Wish I could have been there too! PJ party?? Oh, I really am jealous!

  6. Annie,

    I didn't know you were that close to Jayme and Cindy. Sounds like you all had a great time. Wish I were closer and able to attend. Received my beautiful treasures! So pleased with them.


  7. yes indeed I DID meet someone fabulous......

    (hint hint)

    you are so non-pretentious and lovely - truly lovely - and I can't wait to hook up again.

  8. It sounds wonderful !! I have never met anyone in Blogland but I know so many...I just love that we are all positive, beautiful & creative treasures...Cate :)

  9. Annie
    Well put!!!
    It was amazing to meet everyone and I look forward to growing that friendship. Life is an amazing thing.
    Love your blog by the way!
    Take care and keep in touch.

  10. Annie, I am here via Vicky she just bought your lovely peacocks on your other blog so I went there and then saw that you had another blog. Well you can only imagine my surprise to see that you were one of the lovely ladies my friend Pat got to meet at the luncheon. You see Pat and I have never met but we have been web/friends for over a year now. I am so happy she connected with all of you wonderful ladies and if you get to see her before I do (we are meeting in June) give her a big hug from Kathysue

  11. What fun! I just happened over from Shannan's blog. Loved your song, by the way! Now, in regard to an "aha moment," a lady I'd never seen before in my life stared at me at the grocery store this evening and then said, "Hello, how do I know you?!" Or maybe she said, "Who are you?" if I knew her. Of course, I responded with something like, "I don't know." Does that count?

    Have a beautiful Wednesday!

    : )

    Julie M.


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