Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Weight on My Mind

Through the last several years, I have collected 
antique and vintage glass paperweights. 
My criteria has been shape and price.
Price is always an over riding factor with me,
because I usually resell.
I like impact in a collection. One or two items doesn't do it for me, but 18 or 20 always feels like overload.
I like to hit a happy medium and that varies on how much I've gathered by the time I simply HAVE to get it out.
As noted in the previous post of my studio space, MUCH has been gathered... (I'm getting closer to cleaning it, really I am).
Here's a peek into one little drawer that has glass paperweights.
I'm going to be working a little magic on these over the next couple of weeks and look forward to sharing when I'm finished. (do not hold your breath,PLEASE) 
There will be another event happening here on the farm in May and I'm already behind (as usual). These soon to be beautiful beauties will be a small part of the goods that are offered.

 A very few are quite nice as is--I especially like
the orchid under glass. My photo doesn't do it justice.
Two more favorites

Here's a stash I will start working from.
(old paper and I have a "thing" for each other...)
I'm off to finish painting the powder room!
Hoping the final touches won't take too long.
Stay tuned...
(and once again---please do not hold breath)
p.s. I'd love to hear what you've got calling to you from your stash!



  1. Love the old paper weights....I have one that I have been meaning to add an old photo to mine for awhile...just waiting for that special one to come along.

  2. Annie -

    I am coveting a few of those paper weights. Are you gong to be selling these?! I here you about ahem projects and um things (kicking boxes, closing door) that are calling out to me. (LOUD BANG in other room)
    I just stare ahead like a deer in head lights.
    So where were we? Ah yes, love your collection and look forward to your projects.

    I'm hosting my first exchange. Please stop by!

  3. I love your can never have too many....xv

  4. I have lots of paper as well..I just love old handwriting. My main collection is boxes...any kind any size. Love stacking them and hiding little treasures :)
    Take care

  5. these will be the hit ... the bomb ... they rock ... I have a measly "one" to add to your glorious pile ...

    hey don't we need to hook up and celebrate a thing or two??

    missn u


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