Monday, February 8, 2010


It's a new month, a new week, a new day.
After closing the doors to my shop a year ago,
I've been in a state of "what now?".
I know that for me, it was time to close and
move on, but what that moving on looked like...well...
not so sure.
I'm still not sure...
after all, God's word is a lamp to my feet, not a giant spotlight down the road for the next ten miles.

So in 2009 I attended or hosted a few events, sharing and selling some goods, and I waited.
I waited and waited and waited to figure out what to do next.
What is my purpose? I no longer had the "ministry" of the shop--that safe little house where people (o.k., WOMEN) could come and be welcomed and heard, chat, and hopefully be inspired.

It's been a wobbly year for me.  I've been uncomfortable (that's really not so bad) and in some ways, I've stretched and grown.(that's always good).
I trained for 5 months and ran the Chicago Marathon in October (as part of the World Vision team) with one of the best and dearest friends ( Monica that's YOU) by my side EVERY step of the way. (talk about bonding...)  No, I'm not a runner, well I wasn't a runner. (and I am still  F.A.T.)
I spent years schlepping around furniture and moving about everything in sight. I was always on the move, but definitely not in the same way that all that running (and walking and dragging and crawling...and let's not forget whining) forced me to do.  I found a new determination and more importantly, someone else to focus on, someone else to do something for, someone who was truly in NEED.

So, where does that bring me? Still don't know, still not sure, but I do know that I am here TODAY, to do TODAY, whatever God sees fit to place in front of me TODAY. 
 I like that.


  1. this sounds like the starting point for a brand new 10 miles!

  2. How funny---I kinda wrote a similar post about living in the present moment---living in today and being grateful for whatever today presents. I am sure a door will open somewhere for you. Good for running a marathon! That is awesome. xoC

  3. Annie......HI! I am Anne Marie, and I know Joy- but don't know you (yet)......but I have a feeling we will meet someday!!

    Maybe in May? (talk to Joy)

  4. A. your SMM is such a delight ... where DO you find all your stuff ...
    I'll bet it's a secret, to be sure!

  5. Annie -

    I am in the same position; both of us new to blogging, living in old farmhouses, and suddenly finding we are not doing what we once did. Life is a marathon of sorts -- exhilarating, can be painful. But how exciting to step outside the box and explore all the possibilities! I am impressed that you ran a marathon! What an achievement and test of self discipline.

    - Deborah

  6. Deborah--
    Thank you, but I'm not so sure it was self discipline....Monica would've picked me up by my ears if I hadn't been out there with's all about accountability and a guilt with me!


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