Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February Winter

But winter has yet brighter scenes, 
he boasts splendors beyond
what gorgeous summer shows.
                                                               William Cullen Bryant

Because it is doing this today


I guess I will be doing this

While eating this

What do you do when the snows flyin'?


  1. well, I talk to you, deliver chandeliers ...( this a.m.)
    get my nails done 4:30 ...
    puruse ...and and and

    and right NOW ...i'm going to nap

  2. I am trying to get through these sick kids! I wish they were good enough to put out into that snow!

  3. I am sitting here boiling !!! I hope we have an afternoon storm to cool it...down stay warm & toastie Cate :)

  4. Basically my life goes on much like every other day with the addition of a walk in wonderland after the storm!

  5. Good plan....stay inside and keep cosy, xv.


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